You can take two different approaches when adding your databases to mamori server.

First, create multiple users with permissions and privileges you control on your database server. These are then used to create individual mamori server Datasources.

Second, you can create a single user with full permissions to the database server then add this as a single mamori server Datasource.

In both cases you can then grant datasource privileges to users and roles. Data access can be futher controlled with connection and data policies.

Mamori server also takes care of logging and monitoring analytics.

Before you start

You will need your database connection details, including hostname, IP address and credentials. Firewall ports can be configured in the next page.

Additional connection settings can be added when you create the Datasource.

Minimum requirements

You will need to be an Administrator or have the ALL PRIVILEGES privilege to add Datasources.

Next step

Click Next to learn how to configure database ports on your firewall, add network connections and install an SSL certificate for SQL-Server.

Or skip these guides and go straight to Download database drivers.