mamori server is the central web application where you can manage your datasources, users, roles, access policies and more.


Hardware Minimum Recommended
Operating System 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit 18.04
CPU 2 core 4 core
Memory 4GB 8GB (+4GB per 10,000 queries/hour)
Hard Drive 5GB (installer) 20GB for query history retention.
Network Network access to databases. Whitelist all Database IP addresses.
Trusted SSL Certificate on server Install CA Certificates in Ubuntu server  


mamori.io sales will send you an email with links to the installer and your license file.

Contact Sales support if you’re experiencing issues.

01. Login to server as superuser

Open a Terminal and execute this command then enter your password.

sudo su -

02. Download install file

Download the install file by substituting the supplied URL in the following command:

wget supplied_install_url

03. Untar install file

tar xzvf mamori_install.tgz

04. Add your license

Add your license file to the mamori_install folder.

cd mamori_install

nano license.txt

#paste the supplied license key, then save the file

05. Run installation script

Now run the installation script, substituting your own Console_Password for the mamori server root user.

./mamori_install.sh --install --accept-license --console-password Console_Password

Installation problems?

Experiencing installation issues? Check out the Installation Troubleshooter

Next Step

Now installation is complete you can begin setting up your mamori server.

Some recommended steps include: