mamori server installation should work first time, but if you’re experiencing issues, check these solutions.

Automatic update

You’ll see this error message if automatic updates are running during mamori server installation.

E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock
is another process using it?

To complete mamori server installation:

Insufficient privileges

Perform a mamori server upgrade if your installation fails because your user has insufficient privileges.

Incorrect license file

mamori server will not start if the license file is not found.

01. Check license file exists

You’ll find license.txt in the /opt/mamori/var folder.

Copy your valid license key then paste it into license.txt

nano license.txt
# paste your license key if required.

02. Restart services

Execute this command in the terminal:

/opt/mamori/mamori/bin/mamori_fqod restart

Service not started

mamori server requires several services to start successfully.

Check and restart services

Need support?

Contact mamori server support if you’re still experiencing installation issues.

Email support