Perform these steps if you’ve been given an upgrade installer or need to reinstall after encountering issues.

01. Login as superuser

Open a Terminal and execute this command then enter your password.

sudo su -

02. Download installer

Download the install file by substituting the supplied URL in the following command:

wget supplied_install_url

03. Untar install file

tar xzvf mamori_install.tgz

04. Upgrade basic install

Run this script if you installed mamori using the basic install guide.

./mamori_install.sh --upgrade --dir /opt/mamori

05. Upgrade server install

Run this script if you installed mamori server using the advanced server install guide. Substitute your own settings for PostgresPassword and ConsolePassword.

./mamori_install.sh --upgrade --dir /opt/mamori --db-password PostgresPassword --console-password ConsolePassword

Installation success

You’ll see a message like this when your installation concludes successfully.

/root/mamori_install/source/Deploy/install_scripts/restart.sh Success

Installation completed successfully. Web console available at

Installation problems?

Experiencing installation issues? Check out the Installation Troubleshooter