What is mamori server

Mamori server is a centralized system used to secure and monitor Databases, SFTP and SSH accounts and external applications.

All these systems are available with a single account (Single Sign-On):

  • Your computer account (Active Directory, Azure-AD or LDAP)
  • A mamori server account

Login can be via the mamori server portal, or using a third-party application.

First time login

All users must login to the mamori server portal before attempting to configure third-party applications and systems.

Mamori users

Mamori server users may also need to authenticate using Multi-Factor Authentication.

MFA with app

Open this page on your smartphone then click the appropriate link for the MFA provider

Microsoft Authenticator is incompatible mamori MFA QR codes. Download the mamori.io auth app instead.

MFA with Yubikey

Your administrator will provide you with a Yubikey if Hardware Authentication is enabled on your account.

Insert the Yubikey into the computer when you wish to login then tap when prompted.

Advise your Administrator immediately if you’ve lost or need to change Smartphone or Yubikey.

Next step

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