Mamori is a high performance all-in-one integrated security and data privacy solution that makes it easy for teams of any size to secure, scale and monitor access to applications, APIs, servers and databases.

Integrated Services

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Privileged Access Management (SSH, RDP, HTTP/S, TCP, Database)
Secret Management (Password Vault)
Activity monitoring, alerts & auditing services
Software Firewall (Connection, Session & SQL statement)
Data Privacy Controls (Masking & Encryption)
Access On-Demand Workflow (Automate ISO 27001 A.9)
SAML provider for application SSO/2FA
Multi-factor authentication for non-SAML resources
Directory integration (LDAP & cloud directories) for identity management
Network Gateway for accessing resources across multiple networks


Cloud or On Premise
Simple docker or podman install
No changes to desktops or databases required
Works with or without existing directories

Supported Directories and Databases

Supported Databases

DatabaseVersionsUnderlying protocol
OracleFrom 9i to 19c
TiberoFrom 4.0Oracle
Microsoft SQL ServerFrom 2005 to 2019
Microsoft Azure SQL Database12SQL Server
Microsoft Azure Synapse1.0SQL Server
PostgresFrom 9.5 to 16
EDB Postgres Adv Server1.0
Amazon Redshift1.0Postgres
Greenplum Database4.2Postgres
IBM DB2 LUWFrom 9.7 to 11
MySQLFrom 5.1 to 8.0
Amazon Aurora MySQL5.6
Amazon Aurora Postgres9.5
TeradataFrom 13 to 16.2
Sybase IQ15.2
Sybase ASE15.7
SAP HanaFrom 1503 to 1809
ImpalaFrom 1 to 4.2
HiveFrom 1.2 to 3.1
MongoFrom 3.5

Other Supported databases

  • All databases that use MySQL protocol, like MariaDB
  • All databases that use Postgres protocol, like CockroachDB
  • All cloud RDS versions of the databases listed above

Toe-To-Toe Comparison


Identity Management & Multi-factor


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